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About The Author

Terry, now retired, was born in Burnt Oak,

North London and moved to Carlton

Colville, Lowestoft in 1992.


He worked for many years in the

retail furniture trade, but has also

been a postman, milkman, ice cream

seller and manager of a pet cemetery

(a job he soon decided was not for him).


For many years he would make up stories

for his nieces and nephews and has now

published two books of Willigrew stories,

a children’s poetry book and three

collaborations with other authors.


He blames Spike Milligan, the Goon Show and

Monty Python for the level of humour in these

tall tales and rhymes.



My Weekly Blog

Week Ending Sunday 19th June 2016


Welcome back to my blog. Sorry, been really busy but, hopefully, should update regularly from now on.

What have I been up to? I have been busy finishing the Pakefield School story ‘In Different Eyes’ (nearly done). This was a story created by the pupils of and enrichment class that I took last autumn.

I gave a reading at Wroughton Junior School in Gorleston. This was really big fun and I thank the staff and pupils for making me so welcome.

Last week I gave a talk at the WI in Lowestoft. Again, a warm welcome for Lily and I and, I think, we all had fun. The strawberries and cream were delicious and a nice surprise.

On Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July I will be appearing at the East Anglian Festival of Culture. I will be at the Hatfield Hotel on both days 10-4. Hope to see all you Willigrews fans there for a catch-up.


Welcome to the new shiny Willigrew’s Blog.


On this page you can keep up to date with all the excitement and current goings on of our little green friends.


I will also keep you posted on what I (the author) am up to and, what is more, I will update it every week. So please watch this space.


Every now and then we will have a guest blogger. Yes, Bronglay, Longstint and Krowfin are already discussing who will be first.