Extract from The Willigrews 2




One morning, as the Willigrews were going about their usual business of weeding the chickweed beds and being silly in a general way, Krowfin turned to Longstint and asked,  ‘Did you see some movement in the bushes over there just then?’

Longstint looked toward where Krowfin was pointing and replied, ‘No, what do you think it was?’

‘I’m not sure, but it was white and was moving rather quickly,’ said Krowfin, still peering into the bushes.

Longstint didn’t seem too concerned and said it was probably one of those quick moving white things that we all see from time to time, and carried on weeding.

‘Quick, look up, there it is again,’ cried Krowfin, pointing once more.

‘Oh, yes, I see it now, sort of white and a bit fluffy. I wonder what that can be?’ asked Longstint. ‘Shall we go and take a look, might be interesting?’

The two little friends strolled over to the edge of the chickweed beds, being a bit careful, not wanting to frighten whatever it was, away.

They didn’t have to worry because the creature did not seem at all scared and greeted them with a cheery wave.

It looked a bit like a sheep, with a woolly coat, and a little black nose. It had four legs in all, one in each corner.


‘Hello there, my name is Hesep, half sheep, half sheep, what is yours?’ it said.

The Willigrews introduced themselves and welcomed Hesep to their village.

Longstint then asked Hesep, ‘What brings you to this neck of the woods, friend; we haven’t seen you around before?’

Before Hesep could answer, Krowfin interrupted and asked, ‘I didn’t know woods had necks, do they have arms and legs as well?’

The other two didn’t answer, and Hesep said, ‘Well, to tell you the truth, and it embarrasses me to say this, but I think I may be lost. I went on my usual weekly hunting trip, which I do every day, this morning and seem to have lost track of time.’

‘Well, perhaps if you can tell us where you live, we may be able to help you find your way home,’ said Krowfin, helpfully.

‘I live in a bucket,’ explained Hesep, ignoring the surprised looks on the faces of the Willigrews.

‘In a bucket?’ asked Longstint, his eyes wide open and his nose pointing forward (his ears stayed where they were). ‘Isn’t that a bit uncomfortable, how do you get to sleep at night?’

‘Oh, it’s easy; I make myself comfortable by wrapping my legs around my body and turning myself inside-out; it is then very comfortable. Well, to tell the truth, I have to do this so that I am able to fit inside the bucket,’ Hesep explained.

‘Interesting,’ remarked Longstint, ‘but what were you hunting for?’

‘Puddles,’ replied Hesep, ‘lovely puddles.  You see what with there having been very little rain lately; puddles are becoming a bit scarce where I live.’

Noticing that the Willigrews were looking a bit curious Hesep proceeded to explain. ‘I get all my nourishment from puddles; I have to drink puddle water on a regular basis to keep well. I know puddle water would not be healthy to Willigrews and other tribes but to me, it is vital for my well-being.’

‘Right,’ said Krowfin, ‘shall we get you home now? If you could tell us where you live we will accompany you.’

So off the little trio went . . . . . . .