The Willigrews

When you open this book, you will be opening the door to a land where nothing is impossible, and anything can happen. A world of time-travel, of parallel existences, of strange monsters and ghosts and as you would expect, hairy things and smelly things.

But don’t be alarmed, you will not be alone. The Willigrews will be with you every step of the way, on your weird and wonderful journey, to guide you through the scary bits.

Bronglay, Yill, Krowfin and Longstint will consider you one of their own as they venture into the unknown. In fact, while you are reading through the pages, you will become a Willigrew.

The Willigrews are kind; they are gentle; they are brave but most of all; they are extremely silly.

So join these little green, furry fluff balls and enter a wondrous world of mystery and magic and, of course, lots and lots of silliness.

  • How will they stop the spiky Skraks from stealing their chickweed crops?

  • Can they help little Cringe, a reluctant visitor from a parallel time?

  • Will they succeed in their quest to discover how the Willigrews began?

  • How can they save their village from the terrible Gloopudds – without actually fighting?

  • What is the answer to the Big Sneeze epidemic?

  • And where have the Dranglebinders gone?



Characters in

The Willigrews



All the illustrations in this book are by the brilliant artist Wendy Wheatley of WW Design 

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