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Little Sidney Hairyears was looking for his mate.

He said that he would meet him and thought he would be late.

It was very cold outside; his feet were going numb.

He ran across some slippery mud,

And fell down on his bum.


A boy called Jack, who had a cough,

Coughed so hard his head fell off!

His head went down a slippery hill

And rolled into a flour mill.

The Miller said, “I’ve found a head,

I think I’ll turn it into bread.”

The head said, “NO, my name is Jack;

I need to get my body back.”

The Miller laughed and said, “OK,

I’ll take you back, I know the way.”

“Be careful please,” the head complained.

“Don’t run you’re shaking up my brain!”

Upon the hill, the body found,

Just lying helpless on the ground,

The Miller put Jack’s head back on.

Jack thanked the Miller then went home,

Now all was well, Jack was delighted,

Head and body reunited.