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Life is an unpredictable journey, full of motorways, country roads, diversions and dead ends.

No-one knows where life will take us next.

Together with author Rebeccah Giltrow, we explore various aspects of life and share personal experiences in this poignant, humorous, sad, serious, sincere collection of poetry.

This Anthology has been developed from the task of writing about our local area.

In our Group we do not know where out assignments will take us when we begin, but, aided by our joy of using words and creating imagery in the company of like-minded people, we can produce the quality of diverse styles and ideas that our Members have created here.

We hope that you are able to recognise places that you know, and will look at other parts of this area with 'new eyes'. Perhaps it will encourage you to write about the places you know.

                                                     Lowestoft Library Writers' Group

Following the success of their first Anthology in 2013, "Colours of the Coast", the members of Lowestoft Library Writers' Group have used their enthusiasm for writing to share stories and experiences to celebrate Memories and New Beginnings in this 2014 Anthology.

Items are both fact and fiction but echo the writers' passion for sharing experiences.