The Willigrews 3

Here it is, at last

The Willigrews 3

All the little green fluff balls are back with eight new adventures, plus lots of new characters.

New stories involving some of the weirdest and most wonderful creatures all waiting to challenge our fluffy friends.

What, I hear you ask, can we expect? Well, lots of danger, lots of courage, but, most of all lots and lots of silliness.

Herbert the hedgehog has a problem. His spines have gone all floppy.


Our little green friends enter the doorway to another world.


The haunting song that was sung by the trees was meant to lure the Willigrews to their doom.


A huge injured prehistoric monster is transported across time and guess where he ends up. Yes, you’ve got it, the village of Willigrew.


A strange creature called Frogbit was on a mission, to destroy the awesome Felicanth.


Have you ever wondered if unicorns really exist, then this story will answer your question?


A terrifying, shapeless thing had landed on the village green.


Can the Willigrews help poor Montmorency, the mouse with electrified ears?



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The Willigrews 3