The Willigrews 2

Here it is, at last, the second book in The Willigrews series. All the little green fluff balls are back with six new adventures. New stories involving some of the weirdest and most wonderful creatures all waiting to challenge our fluffy friends. Krowfin is still as confused as ever, Longstint is still as brave as ever and Repscar is still as wimpy as ever.

What, I hear you ask, can we expect? Well, lots of danger, lots of courage, but, most of all lots and lots of silliness.

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The Willigrews 2

  • The Willigrews find a strange creature wandering about the village looking for puddles.

  • Krowfin is very upset because someone or something has been stealing his pilchards.

  • Strange spirits are seen in the forest.  Are they out to capture the Willigrews?

  • Rumours of fierce dragons, fairies and all types of monsters are told, but what will the Willigrews encounter?



Characters in

The Willigrew 2



All the illustrations in this book are by the brilliant artist Wendy Wheatley of WW Design 

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